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Video Series: Procedures for Pain Care (Epidural Spinal Injection)

Spine and Wellness Centers of America would like to educate the public on available therapies to treat chronic pain. Our first video release documents a patient named Gail who has been suffering from low back pain (originating from her hip and radiating through to her foot) for quite some time. Dr. Leon Anijar, MD takes you through her entire procedure from initial consultation to recovery.

After her consultation, Gail was diagnosed with Lumbar Disc Herniation. Dr. Anijar demonstrates how he uses a C-arm to provide image guidance for pinpoint accuracy while delivering precise medication via epidural injection.

For more information on Epidural Spinal Injections, visit: https://www.spinewellnessamerica.com/epidural-steroid-injection-esi

To book an appointment with one of our epidural spinal injection specialists, contact Spine and Wellness Centers of America at (305) 974-5533

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