VIP MD Care Package   
24/7 Direct Reach

(VIP ACCESS services one patient and their significant other)

Live comfortably and worry-free with our concierge services. 

Time to do more of what you love trusting your doctor has your back. 


Annual VIP Package ($3,500)


  • Includes significant other (must be specified on form in advance), children and parents

  • Convenience - ability to communicate directly with a dedicated patient liaison (Giselle or Idi) to organize your care

  • Personal MD care

    • Provided with Dr. Gonzalez's cellphone number.

    • Be seen by Dr. Gonzalez every time (unless emergency or out of town).

    • Telemedicine access

    • 0-15 minute wait time - wait inside Dr. Gonzalez's office or in the lounge, not the waiting room

    • 30 minute dedicated visit - No rush, we have plenty of time for you and your needs.

  • Annual exam - Complete physical exam

  • For severe pain, you will have access to MD care within 48hours we guarantee accommodation at one of our many locations in South Florida.

  • VIP patients also receive 50% off all self-pay ancillary services. Any services not covered by insurance or legal settlement are reduced by 50%, and patients can pay directly at their visit. 

  • Access to preventive care and wellness care - life-changing conversations and treatments for those who seek it

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