Common Conditions We Treat

Spine and Wellness Centers of America has been recognized as a center of excellence and is proud to be home to world recognized spine experts treating chronic pain conditions.

We treat mild or disabling chronic back pain anywhere along the spine.

We can relieve chronic neck and shoulder pain which sometimes may feel like an electric shock radiating from your neck to your arm.

We treat sciatica pain that radiates from the lower back through one or both legs traveling along the sciatic nerve.

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Our patients find relief from arthritic pain and no longer suffer from inflammation of the joints and stiffness.

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We help those suffering from strained joints and irritated, worn, or pinched nerves resulting from pressure on your spinal disks aka scoliosis.

Back Massage

We relieve the tingling, numbness, pain and weakness created by pinched nerves.

We diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome and treat the chronic numbness and tingling that causes discomfort and pain.

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Fibromyalgia patients can have tender points and/or all over chronic pain.  We don't want you to suffer in silence any longer.

We treat bursitis pain flareups using a variety of different cutting edge technologies and pain relief methods.


We have the experience and expertise to treat even the worst of migraines and to improve your daily life.

Often occurring in the lower back and neck, spinal stenosis patients can experience pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness.


When bones become weak and brittle, they often experience fractures.  We can heal your fractures and relieve your pain. 

We provide lasting relief from facial pain which can feel like burning or extreme shocking pain whether neurological or vascular.

Untreated bulging or slipped discs is not only severely painful, but it can lead to permanent damage.  Let us help you today.


Chronic pain is persistent, annoying, and most notably interrupts your daily life. We diagnose the cause of your pain and relieve it.

We provide spine pain relief from degenerative disease and aging bones and joints.