Miami Magazine Q&A with Leon Anijar, MD

Updated: Oct 15, 2019


Raised in South Florida, Board-certified anesthesiologist Leon Anijar, MD graduated from medical school at the University of South Florida and did his residency at the University of Florida before completing an interventional pain fellowship at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Dr. Anijar joined Spine and Wellness Centers of America (SWCA) in 2019 and treats patients from Aventura to South Miami with issues ranging from low back pain and sciatica to neuropathic pain and complex regional pain syndrome.

Q: How do you help patients feel better?

A: I work with a team of neurologists, physical therapists, spine surgeons and physiatrists to create an all-encompassing plan to help relieve patients of their chronic pain. I solely work with evidence-based treatment plans. I'm especially well versed with advanced pain procedures such as kyphoplasty ( a surgical procedure designed to stop pain caused by a spinal fracture), spinal cord stimulation, and the vertiflex procedure. There are a lot of very exciting, minimally invasive new treatment modalities that can provide patients with significant pain relief without the need for opioids.

Q: What non-prescription medications might work other than opioids?

A: I would steer clear of most products you see on television. I've also noticed a large number of medical practices selling products to patients that are neither indicated nor evidence-based. When looking for non-opioid medications for chronic pain, it's best to start with basic over-the-counter drugs such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and Tylenol. But for patients who have already exhausted over-the-counter medications, regenerative medicine or even medical marijuana may be an option.

Q: What differentiates Spine and Wellness Centers of America?

A: Unlike many other practices in the area, we offer the full spectrum of pain care, ranging from medical management and physical therapy to more advanced injections and implantable devices. Additionally we have a one-stop-shop infrastructure with in-house spine surgery, neurology, MRI and a procedure suite so patients don't need to travel around for their healthcare.

Q: And what makes you the doctor someone in South Florida should see for chronic pain treatment?

A: I love what I do and I'm up-to-date on the latest techniques in interventional pain management. After training with world leaders in pain care, I came back to South Florida because I wanted to provide my community with the highest quality pain care. Give me the opportunity to be your doctor and I promise to deliver quality, compassion and top-notch care.

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