Telemedicine Appointments Available

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

At Spine and Wellness Centers of America we care deeply about the safety of our patients and medical staff. To book a telemedicine appointment, please call  (305) 974-5533

Treat your back & neck pain now with South Florida's Best Spine Doctors

To schedule a House Visit or Telemedicine Appointment, simply call 305-974-5533

Procedure for Telemedicine Visits at Spine and Wellness Centers of America:

  1. Call to schedule an appointment at 305.974.5533

  2. Have access to a computer or phone that has webcam ability

  3. Open email with invitation link that will be sent from our office titled "Telemedicine visit link"

  4. When opening the link, a virtual meeting room will pop up with your physician and the MA. During this time, there will be consultation via webcam where all health related issues can be addressed with your SWCA physician. 

  5. When the consultation is finished, the MA will ask the patient for pharmacy details so prescriptions can be sent electronically

  6. You will receive a call or email after the appointment to schedule a follow up.

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